NOVAR Sp. z o.o.



Our steel constructions are manufactured according to execution documents delivered to us. The experience and qualification of our welding operators enable us to complete steel constructions of steel grades of the first material group according to PN-CR ISO 15608 standard.

The most important steel grades of our constructions are: S235JRG2, S355J2+N, S355J2G1W (Corten), P235GH and 16 Mo3. We also build constructions of highly alloyed steel.The execution of steel constructions of the first material group has been certified with the certificate according to DIN 18800 class D (German industrial standard 18800, class D).

We use the following welding methods for the first material group:

  • 135 – MAG - welding: metal - arc active gas welding
  • 136 – Flux – cored wire metal arc welding with active gas shield
  • 111 – Metal – arc welding with covered electrode

We have highly qualified welding operators. The welding processes are monitored according to PN- EN ISO 3834-3 standard. This was approved by GSI SLV Halle. Highly qualified personnel, our experience as well as a close collaboration with companies from various sectors of industry qualify us to use the latest industrial processes and power plant engineering.


  • Industrial constructions,
  • Commerce and trade halls, roofings,
  • Supporting structure, planks and stages,
  • Pressureless and mass storage containers,


  • Parts of the regenerative Ljungström air preheaters (APHs) and gas - gas heaters (GGHs)
  • Components of flue gas desulfurization plants
  • Air and flue gas ducts with supporting structure
  • Steel chimneys
  • Spare parts for regenerative air preheaters (APHs) (sealing elements, sector plates, pin racks, bearing housings, adjusting devices, etc.)


For regenerative Ljungström air preheaters (APHs) and gas-gas heaters (GGHs)

The heating elements manufactured by us are made of steel St. 12.03 or Corten. They are delivered in special containers which allow an axial or radial mounting. The design as well as the size of the heating element baskets complies with the requirements of our customers. Optimized heating element profiles with respect to the material used (steel St. 12.03, Corten, enameled heating plates), heat capacity, pressure losses and specific working conditions result in the improvement of the boiler performance and thus of the availability of heat exchangers.