NOVAR Sp. z o.o.



The company Novar Ltd. expanded its current activities of design , service and supply parts

for rotary air and gas heaters. The new Department Planned work designers with years of

professional experience and practice.

Basic competence development department :

• assessment of the technical condition of air preheaters before modernization ,

• quantity survey of self- analysis or documentation received from the customer primary

• preparing variants of modernization,

• analysis of the technical - economic modernization , depending on the fuel and local


• offer technical , project and executive documentation , delivery,

• supervision of the project ,

• adaptation entrusted to the technical design for the production of the Novar , executive

documentation ,

• preparing documentation for the overhaul and modernization:

- Spare parts,

- Heating elements ,

- Parts and equipment air heaters and systems ( actuators , blowers , bearings , installations -

cooling , lubrication, and extinguish fires ) ,

• supervision of the measurement and evaluation of the technical condition ,

• other design work - construction .

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