Our offer

    Our offer is primarily geared to such sectors as: energy, construction, mining and chemical industry. We make steel structures according to the provided documentation, executive or in collaboration with the design and construction office. The experience and qualifications of our welders allow us to manufacture steel structures from materials of the following grades:

    • Structural steel (S235JR, S355J2, S355J2G1W (CORTEN), P265GH, 16Mo3)
    • Fine grain steel  (S960QL)
    • Stainless steel  (308L, 316L, 904L)
    • Chromium-molybdenum steel for pressure vessels (13CrMo4-5)

    The performance of steel structures from the above materials confirms that our plant has over forty qualifications of WPQR technology according to PN-EN ISO 15614-1.


    Many years of experience, highly qualified staff and close collaboration with companies from various industries allow us to implement the latest technologies for assembling energy and industrial equipment. We are distinguished by extensive competences, quality and the possibility of welding using various methods.

    • We have approved welding technologies for material groups 1, 3, 5.
    • Our qualified welders are certified in accordance with PN-EN 287-1.
    • The works carried out by the plant are supervised in line with the PN-EN 1090-1 Factory Production Control System and the PN-EN ISO 3834-2 standard.
    • We specialize in 6 welding methods:
      • 135 – active gas -shielded welding with solid wire.
      • 136 – active gas -shielded welding with a flux -cored wire
      • 138 –gas -shielded arc welding with cored wire with a flux-cored wire with a metal core.
      • 141 – inert gas -shielded welding with an infusible tungsten electrode.
      • 783 –drawn arc welding of pins in the arc shield with a ceramic sleeve or shielding gas.
      • 784 – stud welding with a short-term drawn arc.

    We are certified by the following certification bodies:

    • TÜV Nord Cert GmbH
    • Instytut Spawalnictwa Gliwice (Welding Institute, Gliwice)
    • DVS ZERT GmbH

    Our offer

    Equipment for the power industry

    Rotary regenerative heat exchangers LUVO and GAVO and spare parts (sealing elements, sector plates, adjusting devices, pin racks, drive wheels, casings etc.)

    • Carburizing elements.
    • Flue gas desulphurization elements,
    • electrostatic filter structures,
    • Air and exhaust ducts with the supporting structure,
    • Steel chimneys,
    • Elements of steel structures for cooling towers and fans

    Heating baskets

    The heating elements produced by us are made of cold-rolled steel, grade St 12.03 (DC01) and CORTEN. We deliver them in special baskets that enable their installation in rotors with vertical and horizontal axes.

    Mining structures

    • Mining buckets for transporting people and spoil
    • Elevator shaft top steel structures,
    • Shaft structures,
    • Elements of mining machinery and equipment

    Steel structures for industry, metallurgy and construction

    • Industrial technological structures.
    • Non-pressure tanks, silos, chutes,
    • Pressure tanks,
    • Industrial pipelines for liquids and gases,
    • Air ducts with gate valves and guide vanes.
    • Steel structures for a sewage treatment plant and biogas plant,
    • Communication and supporting structures, foot paces and platforms